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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Haiku on Grim/ Haste/ Intend


Monochrome thinking
In a dark deluded world
Paints a grim picture

Dante's Inferno
Warnings of what to expect
Just grim and bare it

Got the grims today
All my thoughts turn to ashes
Shower, walk, smile, live


Delicate snowdrop
Rising in haste as snow melts
Messenger of Spring

Never hate in haste
Swirl harsh feelings round the glass
Acid etch the mind

Diagnosis made
Doctor in haste to move on
Forgot empathy


A great little phrase
'I intend to...' means future
When we just don't know

Electronic game
Fixes all we want to do
Call it 'Intend-o'

The dark road to hell
Is paved by all we intend
And never quite do

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