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Monday, December 30, 2013

Haiku on Quiz/ Race/ Alert


Your final question
Faced by the grand quiz master
Did you enjoy life?

More and more questions
Feels like an inquisition
My life is in flames

Used to watch a quiz
University Challenge
Brightest minds at play

That quizzical look
Nine months old, just before tears
Who the hell are you?


Life is not a race
Each moment should be savoured
Deep in slow motion

Basic fact of life
Total heart beats are preset
Don't waste one in race

Her eyes held questions
My heart skipped, began to race
Time slowed, and she smiled


Try to be alert
The world needs a few more lerts
Concentrate a bit

Alert Karate
Simultaneous Striking
Sen No Sen Mushin

Alert to night sounds
The faintest rustle or cry
From the baby's room

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