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Monday, December 23, 2013

Haiku on Nine/ Once/ Pick


Our days are numbered
Seize the beauty of each day
We don't have nine lives

Psychedelic dream
Fragment melange Number Nine
Beatles White Album

Nine mountains to climb
One for each 10 years of life
Each steep learning curve

Nine laughs Ha, Hee, Ho
Giggle, Chuckle, Snorting, Roar
Titter, Splutter, Burst


We are here but once
The trick is to be the best
We possibly can

Each day a new start
Another chance to seize joy
We only die once

For once in my life
I have someone who needs me
Wonder full feeling

Achieving Mushin
If I only get there once
It will be enough


Pick through bits of News
Explore others' disasters
You're not badly off

The mind picks through memories
Of loved ones and loss

A confused navvy
He was given two shovels
Told to take his pick

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