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Friday, September 30, 2016

Haiku on Upset/ Patch/ Really/ Way


Upset apple cart
Gold green army marches on
Come the decider

I know you're upset
The slight hunch of your shoulders
Eyes and mouth downturned

Upset the milk jug
Puddle forming on the floor
Have you seen the cat?


Class structure gardens
Roses versus Veggie Patch
One born out of need

Striped T and eye patch
Accented "Hail me hearties"
And we were pirates

That patch of sunlight
Inexorably moving
Chased by playful cat


An ant with an egg
Scurrying to find shelter
Really determined

Really glorious
Bright sunshine with a cool breeze
Autumn has arrived

Not particular
Yet made up of particles
Really intriguing

Brand new idea
A millionaire in my dreams
All lost by morning


Weighed down by troubles
Overloading your system
No way to live life

You and I, my love
Have come a very long way
Loved every moment

The path can be hard
But if that is the way home
Just have to do it

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