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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Haiku on Infect/ Big/ Name/ Speak


Crowded room heats up
You infect ecosystems
My pulse has quickened

Fingers keyboard fly
Electronic addiction
Infects hearts and minds

Temperature rise
Coral bleaching, poles melting
Humans infect Earth


People confuse big
With being strong, powerful
But it's all just flab

Mine is really big
But yours is even bigger
Biggest nose I've seen

Ooh, that's a big one
She laughed, her face blushing red
Can we all share it?


Do names have meaning?
Do we grow into our names
Or were we just us

Do parents choose names?
Or are they chosen by gods
Imparted in dreams

An insecure man
Big noted supposed triumphs
Could not face mirrors

So, name thy poison
Art thou a spirited sort?
Preferest thou whine?


Speak not with rancour
Listen care fully aware
Empathise kindly

The race caller speak
Bored running commentary
Hoarse chatter natter

He speaks all the time
Filling his world up with words
Avoiding silence

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