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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Haiku on Unlikely/ Void/ Point/ Thing


Practiced carefully
Had visualised each move
Mistakes unlikely

Crossed into slow lane
Such an unlikely mistake
For a champion

Mistakes multiply
It appears so unlikely
Happens to be true


The planned trip to Mars
May be a one way ticket
Towards a red void

Void your bladder please
One more useless ultrasound
Finding life empty

Passports null and void
Stateless people wander Earth
Looking for a home


Sharp as a razor
A really incisive mind
Asks pointed questions

One day you will ask
Whatever is this about?
And that is the point

The storm is over
Righteous anger muted
Until a next time

Need to tighten this
Can you please pass me the thing?
That thingamebob...

Its four hundred years
Since Shakespeare wrote his Hamlet
The play is the thing

From Point Lookout
All the way to Point Danger
About eighty miles

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