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Monday, September 26, 2016

Haiku on Face/ Hoax/ Recognise/ Meet


Have to face the facts
My mind does wander some days
I need a mind leash

Face up to troubles
Stare them down till they shrivel
Creeping off to die

Face I don’t mind it
Because I am behind it
Folks out front get jarred


The Internet hoax
Storing our lives on plastic
So others prosper

Prospero's magicks
Hoax Milan and courtiers
Restoring birthright

To prosper in life
Jesters must be full of jokes
Foolish butts of hoax


Single drop of rain
Sure I recognise that one
It's been here before

Recognise the type
All smarmy with promises
Total waste of time

On self reflection
'Twas prosopagnosia
Did not recognise


Hard to make ends meet
So we gained a bridging loan
And joined our two banks

Life obligation
Meeting the needs of loved ones
Family comes first
The swap meet tango
I'll show you inside my boot
If you show me yours

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