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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Haiku on Double/ Place/ Struggle/ Left


Not sure why I'm here
Saw this double decker bus
And came for the ride

Double decker bus
Iconic symbol in red
Spirit of London

Cello sits forlorn
Slightly grumpy and twisted
Double base envy


Establishment place
Please place my plaice in my place
Yes, on the placemat

Accept refugees
Stop radicalisation
Make our place humane

We need each other
In that basic loving way
So, my place or yours


The old baritone
Still able to sing in tune
Struggles with high notes

If you can struggle
With time it makes you able
To struggle some more

The struggle for peace
Continues throughout our world
Where we are able


New karate class
Punch left fist stomach level
No! The other left

Leftovers for tea
The most sumptuous salad
Reduced to two leaves

Writing on the wall
Left for the future to read
Humanity is lost

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