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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Haiku on Sit/ Wave/ Mountain/ Climb


Was told as a child
That if you sit for too long
You become the chair

I sit in a chair
Listening to wagtails fuss
Watching me watching

Pooh philosophy
Sometimes I sits and just thinks
Sometimes I just sits


Bigger the better
Catch a wave to ride the board
Surfer's paradise

They both wave goodbye
Going through airport check-in
They're happy; we're sad

A wave of pure grief
That Veteran suicides
Exceed war losses


Scafell, Helvellyn
And Transverse Myelitis
Mountains I have climbed

A mountain of trees
A mountain of paperwork
One helps us to breathe

The mountain sat still
Watched for what seemed like ages
Guess that's what they do


Climbed up the ladder
Reached his professional goals
And then he retired

I climb stairs at home
Several times in a day
Exercise regime

Sun climbed to high noon
Before taking short wee break
Behind passing cloud

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