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Friday, September 2, 2016

Haiku on Sweet/ Beyond/ Partner/ Estranged


A sweet looking girl
Well known to be unpleasant
Just keep your distance

He had a sweet tooth
Just could not refuse lollies
Now he has no teeth

Thing is, I forget
Keep trying to remember
Don't know your sweet face

A sweet little bird
Just sat as if listening
To our talk on worms


Beyond retirement
We continue to be taxed
Indirect, of course

Beyond Panama
The poor will always pay tax
To keep them that way

Beyond Panama
The rich will always find ways
Of not paying tax


Argentine tango
The sexiest of all dances
Passionate partners

My partner in life
Such complementarity
The yin to my yang

A true partnership
I make a mess of the house
She tidies it up


The prodigal son
Estranged for many long years
Found home demolished

Estranged Minke whales
Return to Barrier Reef
For social contact

Estranged old planets
Encircling a dying sun
Not allowed to touch

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