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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Haiku on Frighten/ Guarded/ Forgot


Person frightens cat
Cat leaps and frightens a mouse
Mouse frightens person

Frightened by a dream
Really glad to wake up whole
Thought I'd lost something

Really frightens me
The way we provide weapons
To stupid people


A psychiatrist
Must be guarded in what's said
Words taken to heart

No good ideas?
Then keep your tongue well guarded
Shut up and just smile

He guarded her well
The fountainhead of her spring
From which he could drink

Man's ultimate goal
Keys to unlock the guarded
Jade Portal of Joy


I am quite baffled
He forgot to put word up
What will we all do?

Oh, its your birthday
My excuse is I forgot
What was the question?

Before I forgot
I wish all Haiku poets
A Happy Christmas

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