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Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Haiku on Book/ Improve/ Disapprove


Life is like a book
Most savour each word image
Some rush the ending

Tickets in advance
Booked for favourite artist
Forgot we had them

Bell, book and candle
An excommunication
For those mortal sins


No need to improve
Simply the best of the best
Arrogant perhaps?

Improve your thinking
Sit down, shut up, and relax
Listen to your mind

Improve your Christmas
Throw out plastic and tinsel
Give yourself instead


Bullshit theory
You may disapprove of it
But how to disprove?

With a monobrow
He looked like he disapproved
Until he had shaved

Climate change sceptics
Heads buried in hot dry sand
Icy disapproval

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