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Monday, January 20, 2014

Haiku on Race/ Baby/ Shout


We race to Christmas
Then we race to New Year's Eve
Then race back to work

We race through our lives
Never noticing the crowd
To die exhausted

January sales
Spending what we do not have
The poverty race

Slow down Haiku friends
Let your minds free wheel in joy
Peace to our poor world
(Race Not)


Baby in manger
A bright star shines overhead
The Magi bow down

I don't mean maybe
Oh yes sir, she's my baby
She's my baby now
(Apols to Gus Kahn, 1925)

Little baby peas
So much sweeter than fat ones
A marketing ploy


Its your shout Angus
Time to remove the cobwebs
From your sporran, mate

Shout from the rooftops
This poor world deserves some peace
Let's work together

Christmas morn, early
Squeals of delight, shouts of joy
Santa left us sacks

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