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Monday, January 27, 2014

Haiku on Bait/ Observation/ News


Small hole cut through ice
Hooks baited with wriggling worms
The Kraken Awakes

She spoke, baiting him
He looked up from his novel
"Just got to good bit"

The bully baited
Each day teasing the small boy
Kin Geri fixed it


Child psychiatrist
Observation on small child
Needs a good mother

Fireworks in Sydney
New Year's Eve observation
Over the top glitz

Life is full of knees
When you are very tiny
An observation


Mum told me the news
Going to have new sister
Rather have a dog

What is new in news?
Repeated trumped-up gossip
Same as 'news' last year

Breaking news today
Owning guns causes cancer
'Science Bulletin'

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