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Friday, January 31, 2014

Haiku on Travel/ Satire/ String


A travel brochure
Glitzy pictures, sun and surf
Rained when we were there

On a plane for hours
Travel can broaden the mind
But also the bum

While meditating
Travel to far off places
Happy they're still there


Struts across the room
In Mum's bra, high heels, lipstick
Three year old satire

Almighty dollar
Satyr of humanity
We bow down to thee

Grand satire of life
We seek happiness in glitz
Miss joy in small things


A cacophony
The string section out of tune
Clumsy pianist

Parental discord
Child ties household together
With a ball of string

Heart murmurs in pain
The chord tendineae
Strings ruptured by loss

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