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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Haiku on Rhythm/ Myth&Fire/Service


Lay awake last night
Hearing your breathing rhythm
Then in sync, I slept

Rhythm of our lives
Christmas tinsel disrupted
Better by Sunday

Baby so upset
Muffled clock under pillow
Her rhythm restored


A head full of myths
Raging fire in his belly
He went off to war

A head full of myths
Controlled fire in the kitchen
Dreamed of the hero

The hero returned
Legless from enemy fire
Tragedies of myth


Service was boring
I fidgeted quite a lot
Mum smacked me... in church!

Meaning of 'Giri'
Duty to your family
Service with action

Annual service
Pulled into the surgery
Heart, lungs, bum all checked

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