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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Haiku on Empty/ Smiling/ Calculating


Emptiness of mind
To be prized, sages tell us
Reaching Nirvana

Standing on a hill
You can see for miles and miles
The world looks empty

The state of Mushin
'No mind' does not mean empty
Perfect reactions

It's Monday again
Fill up all the garbage bins
Emptied tomorrow


Smiling to herself
Missed her period this month
Carries a secret

Walking down the street
She's smiling at everyone
And they all smile back

Inside my front door
Buddha smiling at the world
Sharing his secret


Smoke on horizon
Calculating how much time
Before the Bushfire

The third cricket test
Calculating how to win
Those ashes are ours

I'm calculating
My brain never stops working
Where's the OFF button

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