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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Haiku on Watch/ Wide/ Abandon/ Puny


Time measures itself
Does not need a second hand
To watch time passing

Grumbling second hand
Why I have to watch my time
With you an hour slow

Watch yourself she said
Rolling gently over him
A mirrored ceiling


She had a wide smile
And child-bearing hips to match
Generous spirit

Go on, take a punt
Chance the river in full flood
It only looks wide

The wide open road
Stretched for miles across cultures
Linking east with west


Abandon the stage
All instruments left behind
Coda completed

Abandon Mondays
Never feel the blues again
Cure for depression

Abandon the mine
Seeking the golden sunshine
You share so freely


Such a puny word
With no associations
Sadly no haiku

Charles Atlas promise
Puny into Powerful
It never did work

Cooling off the world
A legislative promise
Puny Carbon tax

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