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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Haiku on Life/ Check/ Attitude/ Please


Race to life's last page
Skipping words, missing meaning
Mystery novel

Joking with old friends
There's life in the old dog yet
He growled through his beard

Warmth from winter sun
Sudden laughter from a child
Two free gifts from life


Before you leave life
Check you have left things tidy
Cleaners will thank you

Never just assume
Always check you have the right
To tread on their toes

We've been married years
I still check myself sometimes
At my good fortune


Opinions differ
My own attitude was formed
From those I admire

Her life attitude
Was to care for those she loved
And let others judge

Fierce look, gritted teeth
Attitude of defiance
Don't want a sleep now!


Because I love you
I do not have to please you
It just pleases me

Images in words
Haiku pleases with its own
Needs no crass photo

You cannot please all
If just one likes what you write
Then that is enough

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