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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Haiku on Better/ Authority/ After/ Perfect


To better myself
I have read hundreds of books
But you taught me most

Is butter better?
I find it slightly bitter
Needs to be battered

Evolution strives
Remoulding for the better
Yet we have clay feet


He was first author
And therefore the authority
After him, et al.

Mmm, authority
Central order of the day
To cover your rear

Recognised expert
Speaking with authority
Covers the topic


We sat in stillness
After the Bach sonata
Our eyes filled with tears

After such a day
We are entitled to rest
And reflect on life

After all's said and done
There's a lot more said than done
Some thoughts from Aesop


Searched perfect woman
Found her but it has not worked
She wants perfect man

Weather is perfect
Rain or shine does not matter
It is what it is

Let us lose some weight
We could stay in bed all day
Perfect solution

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