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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Haiku on Drop/ Best/ Crazy/ Fault


Beware of drop bears
In the Australian bush
Camping a nightmare

Single drop of blood
Gives facial recognition
In new forensics

Childhood taste bud treat
Lemon drops sherbet middles
Mouth watering crunch


Very best wishes
The kindest of all regards
Yours unfaithfully

The best of all worlds
Our search for others gave none
This is it you guys

In my Sunday best
Hang on mate, it's Wednesday


Try to imagine
A world without pin stripe suits
Let us be crazy

Seaside crazy golf
Battered artificial grass
Let frustration go

Open up your heart
Let sunshine brighten your mind
Crazy dark days gone

Relax, laugh out loud
Let others think you crazy
In their twisted minds


Cannot see the fault
To me she is much more harmed
Than other harming

Line drawn in the sand
Cross and it will be your fault
The cracks will appear

Fault in the wiring
Brilliant natural artist
Could not spell his name

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