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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Haiku on Pull/ Help/ Jump/ Remember


Struggle on Fridays
Must pull myself together
Perhaps one more snooze

When first together
I worked hard to cajole you
Now you pull and push

Searching for profits
Banks pull wool over your eyes
Lambs to the slaughter


Help me to help you
I am totally perplexed
By your responses

Bitter little pill
Swallowed with sourest of milk
Does not help really

Help yourself my dear
My love unconditional
Please take what you need


Think before you jump
Is this a good decision
Or simply a whim

He's a good jumper
Wrapping her tight in his arms
Keeping her warm

Trampoline of life
Jump till we overbalance
Laughing as we learn


The plot, remember?
On the 5th of November
Guy Fawkes, gunpowder

I remember you
Can’t quite get your name
So when did we meet?

Still I remember
The moment you and I met
Fifty years ago

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