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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Haiku on Close/ Believe/ Tell/ Nothing


I'm scratching my head
Point close to the confusion
In my struggling brain

Close your mind gently
Settle it down next to mine
Then switch off the light

Children brought up close
One travels Spain, one Japan
Third in Korea


Peer out the window
Winter sun warming the view
I believe it's cold

Mango flowers burst
Holding their bright heads up high
They believe in bees

Peace full garden lunch
Honeyeater squawks offence
Does not believe us


Please tell me the truth
Does this suit make me look fat?
Do not answer that...

You're a tell tale tit
Your tongue is likely to split
And become dog food

Wrinkles tell my age
Also speak of brilliant life
Rich experience


I know the whole truth
I am nothing without you
Just an empty shell

Nothing at all moved
Except one tall blade of grass
Storm is on its way

The still of the night
Nothing moves in the darkness
Except you, breathing

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