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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Seeking Solutions to Self-injury

There are now five of these booklets, carefully targeted to core groups:
A guide for parents and families 
 A guide for young people

 A guide for school staff
A guide for emergency staff                        
A guide for family doctors

Each of the books works through the background issues and causes, suggests immediate strategies, considers therapy, and recommends a whole rage of online resources.

The idea is to help young people and their families, but also challenge the professionals who work with people who self-injure, to rethink their strategies and be as focused on solutions as they can be.
In Australia and New Zealand, copies of young people, families and school staff have been sent free of charge to every single high school. Emergency books have been sent free of charge to every emergency service. Family doctor guides have been sent in large numbers free of charge to Medicare Locals - who seem to coordinate training.

Download pdf versions of the book are $1.99 each for young people and families and $2.99 for professional groups. You can pay through direct debit or PayPal.

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