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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Haiku on Listen/ Release/ Before/ Far


Listen carefully
You can hear the word of God
In the lightest breeze

Many folk listen
But not many truly hear
The Easter message

I listen to words
Then I construct a sentence
Now I have a book


Small black and white stone
Released from the catapult
Took out the giant

The school bell release
Flock of green white striped starlings
Chatter about tests

Divorce court release
No contract vows to be kept
Utter emptiness


There's no 'before you'
Just muddles of memories
With no shape or form

An old dinosaur
Took us round the museum
Smiled before some bones

My dad before me
His dad lived before he did
His dad before wars


In a far off land
Great lady waiting to die
There's no rush, my dear

You are far away
Physically very close
But a bit distant

He was far sighted
Saw the future accident
Rushed to prevent it

Eyes on far off wealth
I rush to answer the phone
Miss your yearning look

It came with a rush
From the far reaches of mind
Went just as quickly

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