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Monday, June 23, 2014

Haiku on Brag/ Wait/ Presume/ Blood


Behind ten foot walls
He bragged of three more murders
And stayed forever

He, on the eighth day
Bragged about creating man
And wept for aeons

Brag about exploits And someone gives you a job Best to keep quiet


At Pearly Gates
They had to wait in a queue
Problem with visas

Just wait a minute
Cry of the harassed mother
At supermarket

A gentleman's rule
Never make a lady wait
She always comes first


Assume you know me
Presume; tell me what to do
Resume your journey

Tell politicians
How to run this great country
I would not presume

Tell my lady wife
How to make chocolate cake
Would not dare presume


A treaty brokered
Not a drop of blood was shed
War never happened

Brothers often fought
But blood thicker than water
Their love survived all

Blood coursed through their veins
Bodies arced in ecstasy
Intertwined passion

Her nails raked his skin
Blood oozed into future scars
Marking him for stud

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