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Friday, June 6, 2014

Haiku on Sense/ Visual/ Powerful/ Connect


Live life to the full
Make the most of every day
Sense of achievement

I can sense your pain
Your stillness a giveaway
Frozen emotion

Life may not make sense
There's nothing in the contract
That says it has to

Love honour obey
Nothing in marriage contract
About making sense


Airport visual
Home base runway dead ahead
Wheels touch down safely

Watching you undress
Ritual balancing act
A visual feast

Visual challenge
The world in all its glory
Celebrate colour


A powerful scent
Slaughterhouse sweat, blood and guts
Oh good, Dad got home

It happened again
Powerful urge at midnight
Damned aging bladder

I want to touch you
You lie there sleeping at peace
Powerful urge stills


To truly connect
Means to touch heart, mind, body
Open soul to soul

Connect to your mind
Sit quiet and comfortable
All connections off

Twister party game
Connect the dots together
Then fall in a heap

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