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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Haiku on Open/ Best/ Delicate/ Empty


Neath Kakadu falls
Bodies drenched, our minds open
Sun horizon low

Outside door open
Step unexpectedly low
Nice trip, nasty fall

Faithful low-rise jeans
Zipper now stuck on open
Sad fall into bin


Few will know her name
Yet revered by family
The best of mothers

She came from nowhere
Grew up in real poverty
One of London's best

Sad loss of grande dame
Best not to talk about it
Yet she gave so much


Haiku poetry
Delicate, evocative
Best exact, not short

A shortbread biscuit
Sweet, delicate butter taste
Best crunch in the mouth

She’s on the short side
Delicate features and limbs
Best person I’ve met


My mind now empty
Somewhere between on and off
Ready for the worst

Between empty jobs
Worst you could possibly feel
Ready for a change

Ready and willing
Diary empty today
Between three and four

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