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Monday, May 5, 2014

Transverse Myelitis and Acupuncture (2)

In response to my first post on Acupuncture in July last year, someone has just asked me whether it would be good for them? They are 1 month into into having Transverse Myelitis, but gave no details of severity or the spinal level.

My response was:
"Hi. We are all different, and our TM has differing causes. I cannot advise you to seek alternative medical care; I can only reflect on my own experience. I believe it helped me by restoring some feeling I had lost, by improving my energy, and by giving me hope. Latterly, it has helped me with chronic pain on the right side of my chest, but even after 4 years continues to increase the feeling in my feet and legs each time I have a treatment. Has it been helpful over the long term (4 years)? Well, you never know where you would have got to without it. But for me, I feel it has continued to be very helpful."

I would value any comments and discussion from others who may have used Acupuncture....

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