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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Haiku on Cripple/ Ransom/ Monster/ Possible


Limbs twisted by fate
Standing crippled in one place
The Oak outlives man

The politicians
Filled with passion and power
Cripple the people

May be a cripple
My mind seeks beauty and truth
Out of Life's darkness


Held her to ransom
No one willing to pay price
So she married him

Stole the King's daughter
They walked some miles together
Then they both ransom

Quite a handsome man
But he has a rancid smell
Not worth a ransom


Monster erection
Every city must have one
Ours bigger than yours

Big fat kid at school
Tried to monster little ones
Till he had no friends

Acted so normal
No sign of any monster
Till he bought a gun


Keep options open
Dwell in possiblenesses
No prejudices

All is possible
Until you have decided
It will not happen

A frown of dark clouds
Crosses the face of the world
Spitting possible

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