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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Haiku on Tumble/ Surprise/ Anew/ Fool


Life goes round and round
As in a tumble drier
We all dessicate

A tumble down house
Discovered deep in the woods
What were its secrets?

Australian made
Pride comes before a tumble
Not when you're the best


That I still love you
Would come as no real surprise
To those who know me

The 1st of April
A surprise to all the fools
Who lost sight of March

Surprise in a rush
Our 1st of April joker
Quick with a punch line


Let's begin anew
A new what, you ask coyly
Taking your clothes off

Must learn from nature
Spring happens after Winter
Anew from the pain

The day dawns anew
Possiblenesses shattered
Driving back to work


Stepped into the ring
No prior experience
No-one but a fool

Fool and his money
Can soon be parted they say
Hence the lifelong smile

Fooled all his gaolers
Simply ran through the front gate
Back into prison

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