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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Haiku on Reform/ Hour/ Stamina/ Alarm


Reform agenda
Latest political brooms
Sweeping all before

Aisle, altar, hymn
Marriage ceremony words
Reform agenda

Traffic light symbols
Reform the food industry
Eat, Don't eat, OK?


An early work shift
No time to write a haiku
An hour in traffic

We have worked all day
Now the hours belong to us
Yours and mine; they're ours

It took a whole hour
To get info from the Net
Should have asked a friend


He could not say strength
Had a nasty stamina
Rather a weak tongue

Stamina all day
Comes from low GI breakfast
Porridge, nuts and fruit

Biggest test of stamina
The Kokoda track


High-rise fire alarm
The voice of God: "Just testing"
No fires on Friday

Her first school rebuke
Small child's face etched with alarm
Toughening begins

They head for air raid shelters
World War 2 alarms

Boy next door noticed
She flushed bright pink and simpered
Parental alarm

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