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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Free Download: Influence of Television Suicides on Adolescents

This 1996 cross-sectional study investigated the possible impact of exposure to television suicide on normal adolescents. Students (mean age 14.2 years) from 3 high schools completed a questionnaire on television habits, common television life events, the Youth Self-Report Scale, the Brief Adolescent Risk-Taking Scale and a brief Substance Use Scale.
Students claiming more than two exposures to television suicide took more risks and substances, watched more videos, denied being upset by television, had a history of suicide attempt, knew more of suicide in the community, and had higher depression scores.

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Martin, G., 1996. The Influence of Television Suicide in a Normal Adolescent Population. Archives of Suicide Research, 2:2, 103-117.

Of note: There are now more than 40 academic and position papers on the Family Concern site. They can be downloaded free of charge. Most are concerned with Adolescent Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, and Prevention more generally.

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