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Monday, May 19, 2014

Haiku on Intrude/ Riot/ Remake/ Thick


Driving rain intrudes
Windscreen wipers slow to crawl
Late to work again

A jumbled image
Interpenetrating themes
Intrude my Haiku

Sweet kisses invite
Please allow me to intrude
Your aching body


Riot of colour
Carefully planned and laid out
 Chelsea flower show

Another riot
Middle East in flames again
Passions exploding

Children at recess
School tuck shop not yet open
Small riot brewing


Reconsider love
Reawaken you from sleep
Remake messed up bed

Our life story is
We can't unmake what happened
Can remake futures

Can't remake babies
They are our genetic mix
We can shape their souls


Thick fog descended
Street lights yellowed, sound muffled
Deadly pea-souper

A thick Irish brogue
Dressed in green from head to toe
Leprechaun tells tales

Mind thick with worries
I sit in a quiet space
The fog slowly clears

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