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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Haiku on Trophy/ Fine/ Angel/ Pressure


You are my trophy
Impossible to keep you
Sitting on a shelf

Tom Jones' trophy wall
It's not impossible he
Collected knickers

The blessing of gods
An impossible trophy
For scoundrels and thieves


Fine lines from my pen
Curl themselves into letters
Words for my haiku

Nothing be finer
Than loving Carolina
Early one morning
A Fine Arts degree
Sounds so much more important
Than one in science

The angel of death
Not exactly best of jobs
But someone has to
She was beautiful
With such an angelic smile
Nasty piece of work
In Satan's workshop
The angel grinder starts up
All the tools screaming

Pressure to succeed
Goes against human nature
Fount of human ills
Low pressure weather
Cyclone over the east coast
Gale force winds and rain
Blood pressure rising
It's not really surprising
Certainly Can Can

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