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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Haiku on Compete/ Trial/ Poison/ Lust


We compete for air
Nearly eight billion people
All needing to breathe

Words press on my mind
Compete with one another
To enter haiku

Compete side by side
Building team spirit and skill
To fight head to head


Integrity blues
Can I retain my standards
Against Life's trials
The retirement race
So many things to complete
Daily time trial

Dreams are a trial
Of madness ruling our worlds
Case dismissed, we wake

Mind, Poison

Mind can play strange tricks
Exaggerating one word
That may poison love

Mind that bottle, love
It's blue, and labelled 'poison'
'Not to be taken!'

Hate poisons the mind
But love transforms memory
Washing pain away


Your indentation
In the bed clothes next to me
A slight hint of lust

You sat next to me
Could feel your warmth, energy
Lust began to stir

After all the lust
Lay awake smiling, thinking
About the next time

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