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Friday, June 24, 2016

Haiku on Rinse/ Matter/ Homework/ Sliver


Pale left over clouds
Rinsed by all the passing storms
Morning's memories

Old salmonella
Best to rinse all vegetables
Even when pre-packed

Saw him lathered up
Then again in rinse cycle
My poor teddy bear


He has the patter
So funny; no real matter
A real mad hatter

There are dark matters
So much that can't be measured
Like integrity
What really matters?
That at the end of the day
I will still love you


The caring mother:
"What do I have for homework?"
Breeds entitlement

Improve love-making
Read that naughty hidden book
Sensual homework
And now for homework
You will complete things from work
Phone interrupted


Painful injury
Sliver of wood under nail

Sliver of pork pie
With low alcohol pub beer
Anorexic lunch

Dark meditation
A sliver of light appears
Mindsight peace of mind

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