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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Haiku on Multiply/ Obsession/ Faith/ Spin


Oceans of plastic
Fish no longer multiply

Can you multiply?
Special tables may help you
Chairs are not as good

Problems multiply
In number, seriousness
Unless you solve them


Obsession in film
The Butterfly Collector
Can Clegg find love

Obsession with words
I find I can win Scrabble
Against anyone

Finding my left sock
Has become an obsession
Others are not right


Did not learn one faith
I learned that loving kindness
Permeates the core

Faith in my teachers
Allowed me to learn each day
Now I teach to learn

To have faith in life
Needs predictability
Patterns we have learned


She was in a spin
Three hours to catch the plane
Could not find passports

Travel through your mind
Observe each moment's record
Take out all the spin

Wander life's byways
Avoid travel agent spin
Meet local people

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