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Friday, June 17, 2016

Haiku on Forest/ Transcend/ Pass/ Create


Inside ticking bomb
A forest of coloured wires
Which one do I cut?

Deep in the forest
Jade portal slightly ajar
I entered heaven

Dendritic branches
Connecting my random thoughts
Cerebral forest


Tiny wind blown seed
Took root in a rock fissure
Finding nourishment

Demons are inside
We have to face them each day
And send them to hell



Chew for full flavour
Transcendental macerate
Taste experience

Wash the past away
Bathe in the river of life
Transcend immersion
Rise above problems
Transcend your experience
Flourish in the world


Life is not pass fail
You just do the best you can
With what you're given
You gave me free pass
To your love, body and soul
There's always some cost
Birds mating in flight
They pass with flying colours
Wingtip to wingtip


Each time you come across it
Create a ruckus
Empty white paper
A feather quill and black ink
Now create beauty
A small child creates
Armchair, blanket, two boxes
This is my castle

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