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Monday, May 2, 2016

Haiku on Vintage/ Season/ Funny/ Sigh


Ten pairs of bare feet
Stamping red grapes to music
Future vintage wine

1960 Jag
Kept dry in a dusty shed
Now a vintage car

The year you and I were born
What a great vintage


Muck raking season
Dead comments and ancient sneers
Ready for burning

Seasoning our lives
Stories from all our best friends
Spicing up Christmas

A deer in season
Two stags fighting over her
She stuck in a rut


I do feel funny
A momentous decision
Can do that to you

Dress had funny feel
Just came apart in my hands
Did you design that?

Funnily enough
A quiet meditation
Makes you feel so good


Another branch falls
Palm trees are so untidy
She sighs, and wind howls

From between her thighs
He heard her sigh of pleasure
She shuddered again

The daily death toll
Why do mothers birth with joy?
Collective world sigh

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