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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Haiku on Lazy/ Cut/ Fly/ Lucky


The quick brown fox jumped
Over the lazy dog's house
Gave 'return' a miss

Miss those lazy days
Teenage summers on the beach
Learning chemistry

He was so lazy
Always late for everything
Missed his funeral


A small paper cut
Has troubled me the whole day
Why did I do that?

Little miss snooty
Thought herself a cut above
Then she fell for him

Your behaviour stinks
It does not cut the mustard
You can do better


I am in a flap
If I weighed less than I do
I might even fly

Fly around the world
Met fly going other way
Quite a buzz really

Owl with no morals
Stealing prey from other owls
Real fly by night


Lucky it rained today
Refreshing the earth with tears
The drought is broken

Able to study
And work hard for fifty years
Guess I am lucky

Counting my blessings
I soon ran out of fingers
Lucky I have toes

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