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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Haiku on Surprise/ Idea/ Burn/ Sane


Always a surprise
That such a tiny green frog
Can make such a noise

A sudden report
Younger child had found his gun
Other looked surprised

She walked through the door
As I was about to leave
Mutual surprise


An idea came
I discussed it with some friends
And then it had wings

What an idea!
That we have such importance
No entitlement

An idea is
It may do nothing at all
Or it may change minds


That smouldering look
I feel the heat in my face
Fuse begins to burn

Highland burn began
Joined the river dance below
Stirring up the lake

Rope burns on my wrists
We must stop sadistic games
Or take it in turns


The sane asylum
Retreat for mentally well
Against world madness

Clever sane person
Hires a good psychiatrist
To help stay that way

Dog frothing at mouth
Sane but eating bar of soap
To wash his mouth out

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