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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Haiku on Song/ Joy/ Over/ Shower


The song in my heart
Sometimes struggles to be heard
Above the clamour

Today of all days
We sing of peace and kindness
Songs of future hope

We all sing along
To blessed songs of Christmas
Even with no voice


Watching small children
Tearing packages apart
Realising joy

A mistletoe ball
Stuck high in winter stark trees
The joy in a kiss

The awakening
You snuggled warm in my arms
Complex simple joy


We are over here
And you are all over there
How did that happen?

Overwhelmed with gifts
Overcome with excitement
Over Christmas tears

Words overwritten
Thoughts overcome by feelings
Overall at peace


A shower of rain
Left my graffiti all warped
Water based spray paint

Standing in shower
Body warped by rivulets
Such fluid beauty

Our politicians
Minds warped by power hunger

Need a cold shower

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