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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Haiku on Stranded/ Black/ Watch/ Event


Stranded and braided
Someone's hair on a wig stand
Awaiting bald girls

Fat man at Bondi
A stranded whale on the beach
Needing protection

Respirator care
Stranded between life and death
Accident victim


Told to clean some boots
No black polish anywhere
Just have to lick them

A really foul mood
The Black Dog of Depression
Just bit him again

I wake from blackness
Was trying to meditate
Just too exhausted


You can watch this space
With your no mind vacant stare
Meditation girl

A watch with no face
Hour and minute hands move
We still mark the time

With respectful awe
We watch the storm unfolding
Passive observers


Cross country event
Jumping over poles and dams
Race against the clock

No event this month
So in about eight months time
May be an event

An eventful year
Excitement has never stopped
Can we take a break?

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