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Monday, April 11, 2016

Haiku on Luck/ Bare/ Least/ Storm


A smoking joss stick
By chance my favourite one
As luck would have it

'New' luck maker kit
A totally empty box
'Coz you make your own

I'm lucky at cards
And I am lucky in love
So much for 'sayings'


Asked to bare my soul
I took my shoes and socks off
Fool! The other soul...

Bare necessities
All tucked into my back pack
Other things can wait

We are barely sane
After all the massacres
Humanity lost


The least I could do
Passive smoking evidence
Gave it all away

The least we can do
Those struggling with their health
Must receive free care

A strange conundrum
The least important of us
Is still an equal


The storm is over
Righteous anger muted
Until a next time

He put his oar in
Stirring quite vigorously...
Storm in a teacup

The lightning flashed
Thunder roared from the storm clouds
Blue bird flew away

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