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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Haiku on Spike/ Winter/ Jaws/ Journey


Spike in referrals
More and more people depressed
Terrorism News

Temperature spike
Body fighting infection
Immune system rage

A grumpy old sod
Irritated by most things
Parents named him 'Spike'


Without your loving
Life would be one long winter
Miserably cold

UK for Christmas
Experiencing winter
And then flying home

Remembering loss
And all those special people
Winter in your smile

Garden in winter
Sleeping and dreaming in peace
Renewing its soul


Jaws is a good word
Playing serious Scrabble
A score of fourteen

Big jaws, hands and feet
Could be neurological

Jaws on to a close
Comedian's monologue
One final sound bite


Journeyman painter
Travels with expeditions
Captures animals

They came in thousands
To journey up the mountain
Seeking the Godhead

Souls journey through life
At the terminus they change
To begin again

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