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Monday, September 21, 2015

Haiku on Wave/ Specific/ Point/ Today


Floating on a sea
Waiting for the seventh wave
All an illusion

Noisy crowded room
I catch her eye, smile and wave
Too many people

Waves of nausea
First days human dissection
The future doctor


Random thoughts combine
Coalescing from nowhere
Specific answer

Man against nature
Builds everything in straight lines

Specific person
Correct in every way
Rigid and boring

Frog jumped out of pond
No real specific reason
Just needed a hand


It is rude to point
Even worse for you to grab
Find your manners

Point me to the aisle
So I can grab a six pack
If I can find one

Mental signposts point
Grab your pack journey ready
Go find your mountain


What is said today
May be forgotten tonight
But not forgiven

Today here at last
All we said in the past gone
Enjoy this moment

As I said my dear
I need you, mind body soul
Today forever

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