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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Haiku on Glad/ Celebrate/ Conflict/ Ask

Glad, Habit

Talking through problems
Glad I have you in my life
Our morning habit

Habit of lifetime
Breathing in and breathing out
Glad I still do it

Sit on the terrace
Glad we are warmed by the sun
A pleasant habit


We all get things wrong
Celebrate your achievements
Every single day

Long and winding road
Surviving all life's travails
Now we celebrate

Morning has broken
Sunlight shattering the chill
Celebrate the day


Two ideas conflict
Could grasp opportunity
Or just stay in bed

Middle East conflict
Thousands of years in making
Uncertain futures

Resolving conflict
Reflect on what worked in past
Have another go


I never did ask
And therefore never received
I'm missing something

Curious small boy
He sat at the round table
Young Sir Askalot

I ask the question
You respond with a soft kiss
I feel the answer

Look in the mirror
Ask if you enjoyed last night
Smile on reflection

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