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Friday, September 25, 2015

Haiku on Might/ Flood/ Whine/ Travel


Mind is delicate
You might have to shut it down
For recovery

I can feel the draft
You might like to shut the door
As war closes in

Might is always right
Often for the wrong reasons
When minds are shut down


Washing machine floods
The flat is awash in suds
Time to move again

She wakes to red mist
Endorphins flood her tired brain
Bloody dream again

Post meditation
A flood of new ideas
He begins to write


Moaning and groaning
Fresh government ministers
Old whines, new bottles

Sunday afternoons
Languid garden mood broken
Next door's mower whine

We lay down to rest
Troubles over for today
Then the mozzie whines


Travel into space
From edge of eternity
Blue planet beckons

Living on the edge
Blue thoughts colouring my world
Need to travel on

Sharp blue horizon
Straight edge between sea and sky
Travels round the world

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