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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Haiku on End/ Blow/ Deep/ Pound


Midnight one minute
Artificial end of day
In unending time

Don't want it to end?
Best there was no beginning
Just twiddle your thumbs

At a loose end, eh?
Just pop round to the neighbours
And offer to help


Yes I've had a drink
Blow into this bag, madam
'Twas a cup of tea

Article declined
A small blow to self esteem
On to next journal...

I never used blow
No need for mind enhancement
Quite the opposite


My feelings run deep
And have been there for ever
Underground river

Deep down in her womb
She felt the smallest flutter
The future of life

With deep sympathy
I honour those who have lost
That is, all of us


Fire in the fairground
We hide in the Ghost Train Bar
Nightmare headache pounds

Chopper blades pound night
Rockets fire enemy ground
We hide safe bar none

Scouting camp ground fire
Hide drum rhythm pounded out
Bar by noisy bar

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